Conference Theme
  "The Future of Airports"
Date & Venue
  Venue : China National Convention Centre (CNCC), Beijing
  Registration Date / Time : 19 September 2017 (09:00-21:00 hrs)
  Registration Place : China National Convention Centre - Conference Zone Entrance C1
  Conference Date : 20 September 2017
  Forum I – Green-Aided to Civil Aviation Industry
  09:00 Opening Ceremony
  09:00-10:10 Opening and Keynote Speeches

  Host: Qin Zhang Gao, Vice Chairman, China Civil Airports Association (CCAA)
  Conference Address 1: Wang Rui Ping Chairman, China Civil Airports Association (CCAA)
  Conference Address 2: Zhang Bao Jian Vice president,IATA
  Theme : Future Airport Concept
  Speaker : Xiao Xu Wen, Academician, Chinese Academy of Engineering & Chief Expert,
  China State Construction Engineering Co., Ltd.
  Theme : “Oil to Electricity” in Civil Aviation and Green Development Planning
  Speaker : Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC)
  Theme : Discussion on Green Civil Aviation Standard System
  Speaker : Li Qiang Beijing New Airport - Construction Commanding Department

  10:10-10:25 Tea/Coffee Break
  Host : Gao Er Qing, General Manager, China Promotion Ltd Beijing
  10:25-10:45 Topic : Construction and Operation Practice of Green Star Airport Terminal
          Speaker : Zhang Youfu, Chairman, Nanjing Lukou International Airport

  10:45-11:05 Topic : Green Airport Construction and Carbon Emissions
          Speaker : Andrew Massey, Deputy Director, Advanced Manufacturing,
          Innovation, Transport & Technology, The Department for International Trade
          (DIT),the British Embassy in Beijing

  11:05-11:25 Topic : US-China Aviation Cooperation Program
          Speaker : Geoffrey Jackson, Executive Director, US-China Aviation
          Cooperation Program (ACP), AmCham China

  20 September 2017 (Afternoon Session)
  Forum II – Smart Leads Future Airports
  13:30-13:35 Conference Starts
  Host : Li Xiao Mei Secretary-General, China Civil Airports Association (CCAA)

  13:35-13:55 Topic : Airport Accessible Humanized Design corresponding to the 2022
          Winter Paralympic
          Speaker : Xue Feng, Chief Architect, China Construction Engineering Design
          Group Corp. Ltd.

  13:55-14:15 Topic : Innovative ICT Solutions Achieve Smart Airport
          Speaker : Huawei Technologies Co Ltd

  14:15-14:55 Topic : Innovation and Application of Newly Integrated Communication
          Technology in Civil Aviation Network System
          Speaker : Zhang Xiao Bo, general sales manager of wireless product at Hytera

  14:35-14:55 Topic : Air-to-Ground Integrated Airport Collaborative Decision Making
          Speaker : Zhou Yuan Jin, Deputy General Manager, Beijing Boneng
          Technology Co., Ltd.

  14:55-15:15 Topic : Application of Reliable Distributed Data in Civil Aviation Industry
          Speaker : Sun Li Lin / Ju Zhen Yuan, CEO, Juzix

  15:15-15:35 Topic : Innovative Application of Flight Operation Management System in
          Intelligent Airport
          Speaker : Guan Pan Liang, Deputy General Manager, Wisesoft Co., Ltd.

  15:35-15:50 Tea/Coffee Break

  Forum III – Innovations Drive Changes in Airport
  15:50-15:55 Conference Starts
  Host : Hou Kan, Regional Head, Airport, Passenger, Cargo and Security, North Asia, IATA

  15:55-16:15 Topic : (TBC)
          Speaker : Hemant Mistry Director for Airports & Fuel, IATA’s Airport,
          Passenger, Cargo & Security Division

  16:15-16:35 Topic : New Perspective of Future Travelers’ Security Check
          Speaker : Hou Kan, Regional Head, Airport, Passenger, Cargo and Security,
          North Asia, IATA

  16:35-16:55 Topic : New Application for Airport Construction Project
          Speaker : Zhang Xi Cheng, Deputy General Manager, Sichuan Airport Group

  16:55-17:15 Topic : Analysis on the Application of Airport Security
          Speaker : Richard Fulton Business Development Director Tyco
          Aviation¦Proximex APAC & EMEA

  17:15-17:30 Topic : Conclusion
          Speaker : Qin Zhang Gao, Vice Chairman, China Civil Airports Association

          Conference Ends

September 20, 2017 ● Beijing

China National Convention Centre (CNCC)


Host: Aviation Expo/China Organizing Committee
China Civil Airports Association
International Air Transport Association

Organizer: China Promotion Ltd,Beijing

China Airport Conference 2017
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