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CASTC 2017

CASTC 2017


The Official Conference, the 3rd China Aeronautical Science and Technology Conference (CASTC 2017)

19-20 September 2017, China National Convention Centre, Beijing

To thoroughly implement the strategies of civil-military integration and innovation-driven development, the 3rd China Aeronautical Science and Technology Conference (CASTC 2017) will take place in September 19-20, 2017 in conjunction with the 17th Aviation Expo/China 2017 at the China National Convention Center, Beijing, China. 

This year's conference theme is"Win-Win Collaborative Innovation".  

CASTC 2017 will focus in the prospects of technology and industry trends, to recognize the results of technological innovation, to promote academic exchanges, to encourage scientific and technological innovation and boost the development of aviation industry, whichguided from the spirit of the National Conference on Scientific and Technological Innovation, the Academicians Conference of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Chinese Academy of Engineering, and the Ninth National Congress of the China Association for Science and Technology, so called "Three Technology Conferences" andtheaviation sector in the China's 13th Five-Year Plan,

 Conference Highlights  

  • To promote the integrations in the fields of military-civil technology, science and industrial technology development, aviation industry and local economic development

  • Recognize the achievements of scientific and technological innovations, nurture young talents for the aviation industry and supporting its development

  • Track the frontiers and hot spots in the field of aviation technology, focus on the bottleneck of the industry development

 Parallel forums  

  1. Aeronautical materials

  2. Aircraft design and analysis

  3. Aerodynamics

  4. Forum on Young Elite Scientist Sponsorship Program (YESS)by CAST

  5. Precision Instruments

  6. China International UAS Conference 

  7. Avionics & ATM



 Conference Participation  

Aviation|Expo|China 2017

The registration fee includes: materials, 2-day conference entry, coffee break, lunch, dinner, free access to Aviation Expo/China 2017. Please note the lodging cost shall be at your own cost. This registration fee does not cover it. 

To attend, please complete the registration form and return it to Aviation Expo/China 2017 – The Organizing Committee (contact info refer to registration form). If send through E-mail, please title with CASTC2017-affiliation –your name. 

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Aviation Expo China

The 18th Aviation Expo/China will be held from 18-20 September 2019 at the China National Convention Centre in Beijing. With the rich exhibition experience and resources accumulated, Aviation Expo/China will further contribute to China's comprehensive advantages in the aviation industry by providing an ideal platform for the release of new products, technologies, and ideas; for high-level dialogue among governmental parties and industry leaders; and for leading aviation and aerospace companies from around the world to come together under one roof.


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