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 2nd International Aero Engine Conference 2019

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1st Aero-Engine Conference

20 September 2017 - China National Convention Centre (CNCC)  



Aero Engine Corporation of China (AECC)

Chinese Academy of Engineering,Department of Mechanical and Transportation Engineering

Organizing Committee of Aviation Expo/China


China Promotion Ltd Beijing (CPBJ)


September 19, 2017 (Tuesday)

10:00-21:00    Conference Registration


September 20, 2017 (Wednesday Morning)

September 20, 2017 (Wednesday Morning)

08:00-08:45              Conference Registration

                                  Preside: Mrs. Xiang Qiao, General Manager Assistant of AECC, Deputy Director 

                                                 of the Science & Technology Committee of AECC, Deputy Chief Engineer 

                                                 of National Major Project of Aero Engine and Gas Turbine

                                                 Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering

09:00                       Conference Opening

09:00-09:25              Welcome Speech

                                  Leaders from the Aero Engine Corporation of China (AECC)

09:25-10:00              Title: AECC Implementing Innovation-Driven Development Strategy

                                  Speaker: Mr. Yin Zeyong, Director of the Science and Technology Committee 

                                  of AECC, Chief Engineer of National Major Project of Aero Engine and Gas Turbine, 

                                  Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering

Part I. Market Demand Leads the Development of Aero Engine Technology

10:00-10:30              Title: Progress of Commercial Aircraft

                                  Speaker: Mr. Chen Yingchun, the Permanent Member of COMAC Science and 

                                  Technology Committee, Chief Designer of C929 aircraft

10:30-11:00              Coffee Break

11:00-11:30              Title: Development of the Airworthiness Technology of Aero Engine 

                                  Speaker: Mr.BaiJie, Vice President, Professor, Master's Supervisor and Director of 

                                  Civil Aircraft Airworthiness Certification Technology Research and Management 

                                  Center at Civil Aviation University of China

Part II: Innovation Drives Product Application

11:30-12:00              Title: Pratt & Whitney Gear Turbofan, An Innovation that Transforming Aviation

                                  Speaker:  Dr. Alan H.EPSTEIN, Vice President, Technology and Environment

                                  Pratt & Whitney

12:00-13:00              Lunch Break

Preside:Mr.Liu Tingyi, Deputy Director of the Science & Technology Committee of AECC

                Deputy Chief Engineer of National Major Project of Aero Engine and Gas Turbine 

                Director of Aero Engine Academy of China (AEAC)

13:00-13:40              Title: GE Aviation Advanced Aero Engine Technology

                                  Speaker: Mr. Eric H. Ducharme, Sc.D, General Manager, Advanced Technology 

                                  Operation, GE Aviation

13:40-14:10              Title: Commercial Aircraft Engine Development and Verification 

                                  Speaker: Mr. Li Jibao, Deputy General Manager, Commercial Aircraft Engine 

                                  Co.,Ltd, AECC

14:10-14:40              Title: Aero Engine Technology's Innovation  

                                  Speaker: Mr.Phil A Curnock, Chief Engineer Civil Engine Future Programmes,

                                  Rolls-Royce PLC

14:40-15:10              Title: GE Additive - Game Changer for Aero Engine Development

                                  Speaker: Mr.Patrick Wang, Executive Engineering Leader of GE Aviation China

                                  GE Additive Operations General Manager for China

15:10-15:30              Coffee Break

Part III: Aero Engine Materials Innovations

15:30-16:00             Title: Additive Manufacturing for High-Performance Complex Metal 

                                  Components for Aircraft Engines: Material Basic Problem and its Effect

                                  Speaker: Mr. Wang Huaming, Professor of Beihang University

                                  Director of the National Engineering Laboratory of Additive Manufacturing for Large 

                                  Metallic Components, Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering

16:00-16:30             Title: Progress on the Development of SiC Fibers and the Fabrication 

                                  Processing of SiCf/SiC

                                  Speaker: Mr. Jiao Jian, Vice Director, Surface EngineeringInstitute of AECC 

                                  Beijing Institute of Aeronautical Materials

16:30-17:00              Title: Manufacturing Simulation in Aero Engine Development

                                  Speaker: Mr. Christopher St.John, COO of ESI Group and Board of Directors 

                                  of AECC-ESI

17:00-17:30              Title: Digitalize Manufacturing Strategies

                                  Speaker: Mr. Janakiram Pepakayala, Director of Digitalization Practice in 

                                  Manufacturing Business Group, Siemens Industry Software

17:30-17:40              Conclusion and Conference Closing

   Delegate Profile   

1、Aero Engine Research Institutes

2、Aero Engine Manufacturers


4、Software designer and suppliers

5、Aircrafts Manufactures


7、Banks and Finance Depart

8、Military Department

9、Relevant Department of CAAC and Government



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