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Volitation Innovations participate Aviation Expo China-------Industrial class UAV entrepreneurial champion team

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Company introduction

Volitation Innovations (Beijing) Science and Technology Co., Ltd. was founded at the beginning of 2015 and located in Shining Tower in Beihang University Science Park, Zhongguancun National High-tech Industry Center. At the end of 2015, Volitation (Changzhou) Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. was set up to provide Volitation Innovations (Beijing) Science and Technology Co. Ltd. with mutual support and to exploit the advantages in R & D and production of Changzhou Science and Education Town in Jiangsu province, so that a new strategic layout of "Changzhou-Beijing" integration based on the Yangtze River Delta region was shaped. Volitation is engaged in the R & D, manufacture, integration and services of the upmarket unmanned flight system, along with providing reliable and professional solutions to the unmanned flight system for clients. A three-dimensional industrial intelligent reaction system of space, sky and communications is expected to be established step by step in the purpose of improving the ecosystem of unmanned flight system industry.

Volitation is a student innovational and entrepreneurial group came out of the "Challenge Cup" Competetion, with all of the core members from Beihang University. At present, 30% of the company staff has a doctorate and 50% has a master’s degree. With the support of Beihang University, Volitation has obtained recognition in the field as an entrepreneurial group of college students with characteristics of Beihang University. Volitation has gathered 5 independent R & D products, more than 40 key technology patents, a great deal of provincial and ministerial level innovation and entrepreneurship funds and supports for the major technical R & D projects since it stepped into the unmanned flight system industry, and has achieved profitability in the first year of entrepreneurship. In 2015, Volitation won the First China "Internet +" College Students Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition with their enterprising spirit over 57,000 teams from all over the nation, which has raised a wide range of social concern and market favor.


Product introduction

1.UniCornUnmanned helicopter


UniCorn seriesare turboshaft powered unmanned aerial vehicles independently researched and developed by our company. This series have currently developed two product models:UniCorn A and UniCornB. Large effective load ratio, strong adaptability to low temperature and high altitude environment, and great compatibility of special devices are the characteristics of the products in this series. Replacement of traditional metal frame supporting structure with carbon fiber shell supporting structure remarkably reduces the empty weight and increases the load ratio of UniCorn. More than 80% components of UniCorn adopt composite materials with light weight, high strength and good corrosion resistance. UniCorn is designed with isolated closed lode modules for the users to add loads, and the modules are large and with good sealing tightness, ensuring the safety of the loaded devices. Advanced turbine shaft engine empowers UniCorn with better operational ability in high altitude and cold area and stable performance under extreme conditions.


2.MultiCorn series Vespertilio


MultiCorn series Vespertilio, whose full load take-off weight is 7 kilograms and the full load endurance is 60 minutes, possesses considerable advantages including a large number of patents, exceptional endurance, convenience in operation and maintenance, stable performance, low temperature resistance, vertical take-off and landing, hovering, and free from recycling.

MultiCorn series Vespertilio adopts fully encased body design with good waterproof and anti-inference quality to protect the electronic device and loaded devices in the aircraft. MultiCorn series Vespertiliohas a unique lifting body design integrating lift into the traditional multi rotor aircraft body which empowers it excellent flight performance and long endurance. Folding aircraft body design enables MultiCorn series Vespertilio to be portable. MultiCorn series Vespertilio is equipped with three axis stabilized platform withcamera in 20 times optical zoom and high-definition image transmission system up to 5km.

The highly-integrated ground station control system has integrated high-definition network image transmission, photoelectric pod controller and control joystick of unmanned aerial vehicle to enable the users to freely collect and capture videos during flight, and the operation is so convenient that a single operator is enough to completely operate MultiCorn series Vespertilio


3.AliCorn series Falco


liCorn series Falco is an unmanned aerial vehicle support for autonomous flight, characterized by runway-free and independent parachute landing. Falco is an ideal choice for the industrial grade UniCorn which can be smoothly operated on mountains, hills, and other complex terrainand has greatly expanded the application range of UniCorn.

AliCorn series Falco is characterized by automatic flippedparachute landing with body back downward to protect the pods and other loaded devices. AliCorn series Falco is designed with delicate ejection structure so that a single operator is enough to launch the aircraft. Special wing layout raises the lift-drag ratio and effectively increases the endurance. The down swept vertical tail is set as flight stable platform to increase the course stability. The applicable industries including power inspection, pipeline inspection, highway inspection, disaster area detection, border inspection, forest fire prevention, aerial mapping, precision agriculture etc.

Aviation Expo China

The 18th Aviation Expo/China will be held from 18-20 September 2019 at the China National Convention Centre in Beijing. With the rich exhibition experience and resources accumulated, Aviation Expo/China will further contribute to China's comprehensive advantages in the aviation industry by providing an ideal platform for the release of new products, technologies, and ideas; for high-level dialogue among governmental parties and industry leaders; and for leading aviation and aerospace companies from around the world to come together under one roof.


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