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The AVIC-Topwings joined the Aviation Expo China 2017, to show the Integrated Support Technology of Aviation

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Exhibitors notice

Exhibitors:AVIC Topwings Aero-Tech (Beijing) Co., Ltd.

Booth number:A2-1

Location:Hall 1 ,CNCC,Beijing


Company profile

AVIC Topwings Aero-Tech (Beijing) Co., Ltd., founded in 2002, is a high-tech enterprise specialized in aero documents publication, and R&D of aviation simulation training systems and support equipment.

Covering an area of about 1,800 m2 in Beijing, the Company operates in such four fields as aero documents translation and publication, R&D of aviation simulation training systems, management software, and of ground support and testing equipment, providing services for customers from military aviation field, civil aviation field, game and education fields. Since its foundation, the Company has provided more than 50 sets of products for 8 overseas customers and many domestic customers, earning the reputation of a preferable, reliable and leading integrated aviation support solution provider of first choice.




As a leading military aviation simulation training system provider in China, the Company ranks the top in putting forward the concept integrating the Computer-based Training (CBT) system, Desktop Trainer (DST), Integrated Procedure Trainer (IPT), Flight Training Device (FTD), Full Mission Simulator (FMS), Aircraft Maintenance Simulator (AMS), Distributed Mission Trainer (DMT) and Flight Training Debriefing System (FTDS) into the military aircraft simulation training system and becomes the simulation training system supplier for CATIC and AVIC INTL.


Delivery situation

In 2008-2009, delivered F7PG, K8P and JF-17 simulation training systems to Pakistan Air Force

In 2010-2013, delivered K8W and Y8F200W simulation training systems to Venezuela Air Force

In 2013-2015, delivered K8W simulation training system to Myanmar Air Force

In 2016-2017, delivered L15 AFT simulation training system to Zambia Air Force



AVIC Topwings keeps digesting development experience from overseas advanced civil aviation simulation training enterprises, in conjunction with our own resources and by fully applying development merits overseas, striving to establish an R&D platform for civil aviation simulation compatible with global counterparts.

The Company is honored to be the strategic partner in aviation simulation training field in China with the Spanish giant INDRA. Cooperation with foreign enterprises facilitates greatly the localization of level-D simulator R&D technology, aiming to establish a domestically leading R&D platform for simulators of such a level thus laying a stable foundation for researching, developing and exporting level-D FFS for Chinese-made large helicopters and transporters.



In response to Government's appeal for military and civilian integration, the Company is also committed to applying professional simulation training technology to civil products, games and recreation, and education.

Cooperating with Tsinghua University and BUAA in multiple levels, the Company integrates VR technology into the aviation simulation training systems, and, by means of design of story plots and game themes and rendering of 3D scenes, makes the simulation trainings more interesting and educational, realizing broad application of simulation products on education in schools and public places.



By virtue of the universal and diversified advantages in R&D of aviation simulation training system and ground support equipment, the Company has been eager to make progress in R&D of training management system, maintenance management system, test flight monitoring system, etc., in purpose of providing comprehensive technical solutions for industrial customers in terms of training management, flight monitoring, fleet maintenance management, and supporting resources management



AVIC Topwings, as the nominated technical material publisher for CATIC and AVIC INTL, possesses a professional team of first class in China that masters multilingual translation and aviation documents production complying with TO/ATA standards. The Company has published over one thousand copies of technical documents for AVIC military products, and produced hundreds of paper materials and interactive multimedia products for air shows in Zhu Hai, Dubai, Paris, South Africa and so forth, as well as the Tianjin Helicopter Exhibition, becoming reputed as a reliable partner in technical publication and exhibition materials production



AVIC Topwings has always keeping the service concept of Perfecting the Service and Going beyond Value in mind in providing consistent full-life cycle technical support for customers abroad and at home, and has effectively guaranteed sound operation of its products in customers' sites, successfully maximizing the customers' value.



Standing as a leading high-tech enterprise of national level in the industry, the Company takes popularization of aviation culture and programs for social good as its own duty. In its attending air shows, helicopter exhibitions, ITFCEW and other activities, the Company spares no efforts in positive promotion of aviation culture, and, together with charity organizations, conducts charitable aids regularly to help school dropouts.

Aviation Expo China

The 18th Aviation Expo/China will be held from 18-20 September 2019 at the China National Convention Centre in Beijing. With the rich exhibition experience and resources accumulated, Aviation Expo/China will further contribute to China's comprehensive advantages in the aviation industry by providing an ideal platform for the release of new products, technologies, and ideas; for high-level dialogue among governmental parties and industry leaders; and for leading aviation and aerospace companies from around the world to come together under one roof.


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