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AVIC encourage members of the directly affiliated institutions and units to participate in the Aviation Expo

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As the aviation expo organizers, to give full play to the aviation expo characteristics and based on the capital's special geographical advantages, China aviation industry corporation (AVIC) will construct the aviation expo into the new technology and new product release platform. AVIC in international letter [2015] no. 40 in the file, since the sixteenth session of the aviation expo, will show in Beijing exhibition organization and management way to adjust.

First of all, AVIC regards the aviation expo as a professional show bearing AVIC high-tech features and the function of publishing platform, highlighting the aviation expo internationalization, specialization and market features. Second, AVIC in retain a certain scale of the group company image galleries, used to focus group company brand image, the overall strength and the main air host products, actively encourage members of the directly affiliated institutions and units, according to their own business needs, as "AVIC so-and-so" brand image, to attend the Beijing show, to show products with market potential and representing related technology products, to promote professional exchanges and cooperation with counterparts at home and abroad. In addition, to fully display the Beijing as the center of the international communication function, give play to the important role of Beijing aerospace aviation science and technology exchange platform, avic actively encourage each unit technicians to visit the Beijing air show or to attend academic conference, during Beijing show, to understand cutting-edge technology and the latest developments at home and abroad, to further promote cooperation fields.

AVIC the adjustment of the aviation expo management model will accelerate the realization of the breakthrough of the aviation expo transformation and upgrade, and AVIC see the aviation expo as the platform, will achieve its members of the directly affiliated institutions and units and related units in mutual understanding, communication and cooperation with international aviation enterprise to be the powerful driving force for the new normal.

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Aviation Expo/China, the only aviation exhibition to be held in Beijing since 1984, has been a part of the 32-year development of China's aviation industry. This biennial event is currently one of the most influential and prestigious in the industry. 



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