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Flight simulator, narrow the distance between you and the cloud

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Hangzhou Aomeng Technology Company Limited is located at Xiangmao Road 99, North Software Park, Gongshu District, Hangzhou.

Dr. Dengxie Yin, the president of the company, has been working on flight simulators for more than twenty years. Dr. Yin has been in charge of flight simulator development and production, including Piper Warrior, Diamond  Aircraft Industries DA-20、 DA-40 and DA-42  series,Cessna Aircraft Company  Citation II、C172R and C182T series. Most of the training devices are qualified according to FAA AC120-45A (level 3 and 5) and JAR-STD 3A FNPT II. All of our products are focused on cockpit specifications. The cockpits are equipped like the aircrafts, mostly with original aircraft parts, including G1000, GMA 1347 audio communications. Three channel true airports and visual display, complete navigations (VOR, ILS, DME, Markers). An electrodynamic control force system for three axis provides aircraft-like control feeling. All components and their behaviors are exactly like the real cockpits. Looking the cabins, you would not be able to tell they are simulators or  aircrafts. We are glad to see you at AVIATION EXPO/CHINA 2017.


Aviation Expo China

Aviation Expo/China, the only aviation exhibition to be held in Beijing since 1984, has been a part of the 32-year development of China's aviation industry. This biennial event is currently one of the most influential and prestigious in the industry. 



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